Who We Are

Devash Bee Co is a local family-run, Christian Bee Farm that has been producing Honey and raising Bees since 2014. We strive to care for nature and respect God's creation in everything we do. Our products are all natural and healthy without pasteurization or chemicals.  Our mission is to provide the very best products to our customers in a relational way that leaves you satisfied with your purchases and the desire to share your experience and continue to use Dvash Bee Co as your source for bee related needs.

How It Started.....

Clean Eating, Honey is Better!

Back in 2014, my wife decided we needed a lifestyle change.  We were both gaining weight and not feeling healthy as we were only in our mid-thirties.  I decided to support her in this and started the clean eating lifestyle with her.  Cutting out all refined sugars opened up the door to using honey.  Soon with only using honey in all our sweetener needs including baking we were using about a gallon a month of this expensive product.  How could I save money? I wondered, Could I just raise my own bees?

Meet Mr Wilson!

Ohio's Best Bee Mentor!

Once my interest was ignited with producing my own honey, at my next purchase of honey from Dwight I popped the question on how I could keep Bees myself.  As with all people before me and after me, Dwight opened the door of all his knowledge concerning bees and friendship with his willingness to invest that in me as a beekeeper and person to fulfill my dream with bees.  Dwight sold me my first two nucs back in 2014 and has been my mentor and role model ever since.  

Where we are Today

Working Hard, to Serve you

Life is full of opportunities, the best one ever presented is to serve others.  At Dvash Bee Co we are growing Daily in our business and in our understanding of these magnificent creatures that were given to us by our creator.  We are currently running seven local apiaries within the Findlay and Hancock County area offering our Honey, Nucs, and Bee related products. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your Family in any needs you may have. 

Findlay Ohio, 45840

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