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Raw Local Honey

When it comes to sweetness, Honey is Natures best natural sweetener.  Pride is taken in our desire to deliver only the best local honey for our customers in NW Ohio.   Dvash Bee Co. currently operates seven Apiaries throughout the greater Findlay area as well as the southern Hancock county regions of Arlington and Bluffton. If you live in the Findlay area and are searching for the benefits of local honey to help with your allergy needs, search no further!  We have diverse locations throughout our area, and we are your source for local Honey.


Dvash Bee Co is currently offering locally mated Mutt Queens. Some Queens may be recognized by identifying characteristics when purchased, but no advertisement or claim is made to offer a specific line of queens or lineage.  At Dvash, measures are taken to always introduce new genetics into our apiary yards and then evaluated for the three key desires of all beekeepers, Survivability, Productivity and Gentleness.  Once those three key traits are found in a hive, grafting will take place from these queens.  Queens are then open-air mated in our mating yards saturated with Drones from other proven hives demonstrating these same characteristics. 


The goal of Dvash Bee Co is to deliver you the highest quality nuc possible from proven survivor stock bees.  Great care is taken to build our customers a Nuc from surviving hives as shown in the photo and not built from just anything that survived to only fill supply and demand needs.  What the customer can expect upon receiving their purchase is a Nuc that is full of healthy bees ready to begin working for them.  A healthy Nuc should be full of bees, showing all stages of brood including eggs, larva and capped brood.  Also in each Nuc will be fresh nectar and or capped honey, pollen and drawn comb on all five frames. Pride is taken to only produce a product that needs to be placed soon in a full size eight or ten frame hive upon receiving to prevent swarming and start working for you and your apiary needs. 

Package Bees

Package Bees are sourced through Florida and Georgia.  Package bees are a quick way to replace dead out hives from winter losses when a beekeeper has drawn comb and needs to quickly and economically build hive numbers back up for production.  New beekeepers should not purchase package bees to be placed on brand new equipment.  Package bees have the best chance of survival if placed on the drawn comb in a previously used hive.  Often, new inexperienced beeks purchase packages only to have them abscond and leave the beekeeper confused.  Dvash Bee Co provides these product needs to the beekeeping community, but only recommends them to experienced beekeepers. 

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